State College Disc Jockey - DJ Shooter
State College karaoke DJ
Hire him. Don't even look at other DJs - Brandon, July 2009.
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Karaoke...that silly, guilty pleasure that so many of us enjoy...Shooter has it, in spades!  Actually, he is one of the Centre Region's foremost karaoke DJ's these days. 

With weekly Karaoke shows in State College's top bars, his karaoke shows are reknown for their vibe.  With his non-judgemental attitude, he helps wall flowers bloom, and "shower crooners" shine! 

Over 35,000 songs allow you to find that special song suited to your style.  Or, sing what you like, and critics-be-d*mned!

Pricing for karaoke parties vary upon date and venue size.  Call or email for details!

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